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Friday, March 4, 2011

Inspiration - Sand Hill Cranes

INSPIRATION...that's what I'll talk about, after a writer's block. I have to give credit to my friends on BNR/BNE for giving me this idea.  Thanks guys.

One of my newest paintings is of my beloved - Sand Hill Cranes.  They are prevelent in the low lands of this  area.  Did you know they mate for life...and they always live in the same areas - at least in this area of Florida.  I know that many do migrate, but not the ones in our back yards here.

My inspiration is "Jack and Jill"  They live near the lake by my mother-in-law.  They come up in the yard and feed at her birdfeeder.  Each year they have one or 2 chicks and most of the time, only one survives.
I know they are the same ones as Jack has a slightly broken leg, always sticking out to the side.  When the chicks are born, they are fuzy and orange and really cute.  Within a week, they grow tall and it doesn't take them long to get quite big.  In my watercolor titled, On Alert, you can see the youngster is almost as tall as the parents. I have an unending supply of photos taken of Jack n Jill.

I hope, I have shown you my love of the local birdlife of the area. 

On Alert
Sand Hill Cranes
by Roxanne Tobaison


  1. Love it! This would make a great wedding gift or gift for a spouse because the birds mate for life, showing unending love! Knowing the story behind the painting causes me to stop and appreciate the painting so much more (not that I don't already think it's beautiful) but it gives me an emotional attachment to it.

  2. if at first you don't succeed, try, try again! that is what I am doing - again..this time with a new google account password'

    As you know I love "your birds"!

  3. I love your bird pictures. They are gorgeous!

  4. The painting is beautiful and it is so nice to have the story behind it! Of course, I think all your paintings are beautiful!

  5. I am so touched by them!♥♥♥


  6. Thanks everyone.
    Comments are much appreciated.